Theo does the beach

Thank goodness for this early spring season with my brand new toddler. It’s the last week of February and we were blessed with this perfect 78 degree beach day. Theo has gone from learning to walk to successfully”drunk-old-man-running” in less than 3 weeks. We made our first trip to the beach since Christmas time when he was only interested in eating sand. This visit was much more exciting. He inspected the sand: how it fell through his fingers, how it crumpled apart, how it flew through the air, like it was serious business.  He loves trying to figure out how things work. When he realized there was an ocean 100 yards away, he drunk-old-man-ran straight to it laughing every clumsy step of the way. He was so excited about the water that a one inch wave nearly took him out from sheer joy. Daddy saved the day. To say I’m excited about all of 2017’s beach days is an understatement.


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