Theo does the weekend.

If there is one thing I’ve learned since Theo’s arrival, it’s how to slow down. Our weekends used to be jam packed with meet-ups, hangouts, as much work as possible, as many home projects as possible, as many road trips as possible. This time last year I was still making pre-Theo-like weekend to-do lists and always found myself disappointed in our ability to only complete MAYBE 10%. In 2017 I am much wiser in my mom-life. I’m now very DGAF about our weekend to-do lists. If we get one thing done we consider it a success. It’s a much happier mindset. This weekend’s anti-to-do-list consisted of duck watching, finding friends in the park for first dates, lazy  Sunday mornings, digging holes for cherry trees (made easier by Gus,) bouncy houses, and banana pancakes.


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